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La Complice: si boire crée des liens, tends la main


Following the competition on social media to find a name for the beer bearing the image of GFGSE, competition that has also generated more than three hundred ideas, we are proud to present you the name of the beer in the image of GFGSE: LA COMPLICE!

Tthe contest winner, who shared the name of LA COMPLICE the first is Nathalie Lavallée, to whom we gave a pair of tickets for our Beer and Cheese to be held on 4 November.

"LA COMPLICE says it all! Complicity of the moments that develop progressively twinning we create is really what we do, "explained the CEO of Grands Frères Grandes Sœurs de l'Estrie, Nathalie Ouellette, at the beer launch Thursday.

At the heart of the mission of the organization, this complicity enables two hundred young people annually to access a positive role model.

An alliance for granted

Partner for five years in the organization of the fundraising event Beer and Cheese, the Siboire became a natural accomplice for GFGSE. Pierre-Olivier Boily, entrepreneur and instigator of the microbrewery's mentor in his way past fifteen years.

Cyclist in his spare time, he indulges in his passion in tandem with people with visual impairments, an activity that brings him enormously.

"We should not underestimate how much we grew as a person in such an adventure," he says.

His involvement has made him a prime candidate when it came time to appoint an Ambassador for GFGSE.

"Once you taste mentoring, it's hard to get out," he adds.

He has also benefited from the launch of the new beer to launch a new coaster "Si boire crée des liens, tends la main", which demonstrates the close collaboration which unites the organisation and the microbrewery.



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You are a man over the age of 18 ? Want to share your life expérience with a young man ? Your presence ca make a difference. Learn about the Big Brothers Mentoring.

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Are you woman and over 18? Would you like to spend time with a girl or young woman who is looking for a friend? Start something today and enroll in our Big Sisters program. Spend a few hours a week with your new Little Sister having fun, chatting, doing crafts and hobbies. Just hanging out.

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Join a young person in their school and spend one hour a week making them smile. Shoot some hoops. Read a book. Do some art. Kick a ball around. It really doesn't matter what you do. It's that you do it together.

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You are a man over 18 years old ? You have interest in healthy living, healthy eating and exercise? Ask about the program Game on!

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