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Launch of the GFGS de l'Estrie beer - September 24, 2015

During the past year, Pierre Olivier Boily, one of the young entrepreneurs who created the Siboire, played the role of ambassador of GFGSE. In order to consolidate our partnership that has lasted 5 years, the idea of ​​brewing a beer for GFGSE was confirmed.

To find a name that secures good philosophy of the Siboire with the values ​​of BBBS movement, we decided to launch a contest through social media where more than 31,000 people were reached and 326 shared names.

So we chose THE COMPLICE.

The Complice because under our various mentoring programs, the twin become actual accomplices, in the good sense, of course! We witness sincere friendships that created them, become significant companions are colluding to have fun, achieve a common project and develop a special link that belongs to them. That's a real complicity. We can also go further: the complicity that is woven between BBBS and Siboire, complicity that feels like savoring a good beer with friends ... In short this name represents all the integral parts of this partnership.

The contest winner, who shared the name of The Complice first, is Nathalie Lavallée who was offered a pair of tickets for our Beers and Cheeses to be held at Siboire on 4 November.

Here is an overview of the launch of our beer, which took place September 24, 2015 at The Microbrasserie Siboire on Dépôt Street.



















































































































































































Photos: Carol Lamoureux

Carol thank you very much for your great photos!

Your presence and your collaboration were much appreciated!