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We believe in the value and values of mentoring.”

Success Stories

Here are some testimonials from the traditional program

Mom of Jérémie

" It changes the life of a young boy to have a masculine image. He changed, I see him becoming a future man with a maturity and confidence in him that he had not. To do things with a man, it gives him the chance to learn and to give him confidence.

We see their complicity in their eyes, and my son is more fulfilled, more confident, more open. There's just one man to show true things of guy. A mother can not do that: give loving yes, but the rest ... ride a bike, fixing things, assemble furniture, nothing better than a Big Brother who wants to share his knowledge and life experience. Thank you for this beautiful experience that changes the life of my son. "

Sylvain, Big Brother

" The experience of being a Big Brother brings me a lot, to give joy to a young or counsel him, to be a model for him is very fulfilling and rewarding. Help a young that way, is to make a gift to yourself. "

Mother of Gwendaly, Louna-Kim and Malick

" I am a mother of three who's father is virtually absent in their lives. My boys are lucky to have each a Big Brother and my daughter a Big Sister. The Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Eastern Townships was able to find someone with similar interests to my children, which facilitates the relationship between them.

Big Brother and Big Sister becomes a resource person to which my children can trust, confide in and relate to. Big Brother and Big Sister contributes to help and guide them in their daily life.

Thank you to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Eastern Townships, to Denise, Jacques and Sylvain. You make a difference in the lives of my children. " 

Some words from in-school mentoring

Words from the Littles

" I'm in a good mood! "

" I like more going to school. "

" I feel significant to someone! "

" I now have more friends. "

" I give my opinion more. "

" I like more doing other activities. "

Favorite phrases from the Mentors

" I like to see my little prince! "

" Knowing that my presence will help the young, it makes me feel good. "

" It's an endearing little guy and I feel that my presence made a difference for him. "

" It gets me out of my everyday life. "

" After 3 years of twinning, I see my Little Brother change and he confides more. "

" Even after three years, our relationship continues to evolve! "

" It clicked between us! "

" The development of our relationship, it's rewarding! "